Centurion Triathlon

Hertfordshire was at the heart of the Holy Roman Empire in Britain.

  • The city of Verulamium, less than 10 miles from Centurion race HQ, was one of the occupiers’ most important English settlements.
  • Wheathampstead, skirted by the Centurion bike course, was the probable site of Queen Boudica’s epic but ultimately failed attempt to purge the Romans from southern England.
  • And the cold and hot rooms of the ancient Roman baths in Welwyn village, a short regimental march from the start of your first bike lap, could have been just the ticket to spark a warrior’s recovery after another life and death battle in the gladiatorial cauldron.

Welcome to the Centurion Triathlon – the Vesuvius of multi-sport racing in south-east England.

The Centurion Triathlon story began in Hertfordshire at Stanborough Park You have three races from which to choose: the 100-mile Imperial, the 100-km Metric and for budding Centurions, the Legionnaire Sprint.

The innovative Centurion Triathlon will help you make the leap from standard to middle distance or middle to long distance triathlon. It will be one of the best race-preparation opportunities for longer distance events later in the season. The 2022 running will take place on 19th June.

New for 2022 are another two opportunities to qualify as a Centurion!

On 29th May we will be hosting a Metric Centurion event at Box End. As well as the Solo Triathlon there will be a Relay option for those wishing to team up and Aquabike option for those wishing to tackle only the swim and bike elements.

Finally the season will close out on the beach on Great Yarmouth Seafront on 25th September. For the finale you have a solo metric and relay Centurion options, and an Aquabike.




Can you be a Portia or a Hadrian, a Cleopatra or a Caesar, an Empress or Emperor?
Can you be a Centurion and be the First Among Equals?
Your will, your grit and your discipline will decide.

Quick Event Info

Centurion Tri
Imperial 100 Mile: 1.25-Mile Swim, 84-Mile Bike, 15-Mile Run
Metric 100K: 2Km Swim, 82Km Bike, 16Km Run
Legionnaire Sprint 750m Swim, 20.3Km Bike, 5Km Run
NB: Please check venue pages for exact distance options available at each
Organiser: ActiveTrainingWorld
Race Info: